America and Canada’s top Google searches

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to walk down memory lane of the past 12 months. What did we learn this year? Who popped up on our discovery radar? When did the hottest events happen? Where did our wandering feet take us this year? Why did certain occasions happen? How did we pick up that nifty new skill? 

A multitude of questions have waltzed through our minds this year, but let’s cut to the chase. What were the burning questions that united us all in the search for answers this year? As an end-of-year recap, we utilized Google Trends to unveil the most sought-after ‘who, what, when, where, why, how’ queries to spill all on America’s and Canada’s 2023 curiosities.

Key Findings:

  • Who: “Who is Erin Carter” shared breakout searches in both the US and Canada
  • What: “What is ChatGPT” ranked #1 in America (2,700% increase in search volumes), while “What kind of bird is Scuttle” skyrocketed by 3,350% in Canada
  • When: Americans were on the edge of their seats, frantically searching “when are taxes due” (up by 3,250%); Canadians were more focused on “when is Black Friday 2023” (surging by 4,400%)
  • Where: “No Hard Feelings where to watch” rose 1,800% in search (US); “Where to watch The Last of Us” spiked by 1,750% (Canada)
  • Why: Americans wanted to know “Why are actors striking” (1,600% surge), and Canadians were curious as to “why is Twitter called X” (up by 1,950%)
  • How: “How to change background color Instagram story” was asked amongst Americans (2,650% increase), while Canadians scored a breakout search in “how to change time on Fitbit” and “how to delete Snapchat AI”

America’s 2023 curiosities revealed

In the realm of the nation’s digital curiosity, Erin Carter and the Super Bowl LVII surfaced as 2023’s search champions – with both leading to viral breakout searches (when a search term exceeds 5,000% in popularity). “Who is Erin Carter” soared in fame as the Netflix thriller series broke records, hinting at its must-watch status. Meanwhile, “who won the Super Bowl 2023” skyrocketed across the nation, revealing the triumphant Kansas City Chiefs. 

In the quest for knowledge, “what is ChatGPT” ranks as America’s most searched for ‘what’ question. Despite its year-long existence, the AI chatbot catapulted into the spotlight, slipping into everybody’s daily lives. The impressive tool has undoubtedly made its mark on the American landscape. 

Hit the panic button! “When are taxes due” skyrocketed by 3,250% in Google searches over the last 12 months. It seems that millions of Americans collectively experienced the last-minute fight as the search query hit an all-time high from April 9th to the 15th (the tax deadline was April 15th). The anxiety-inducing question wasn’t a blip though, as it topped any other ‘when’ questions Americans had in 2023. 

“No Hard Feelings where to watch” seized the #1 spot in America’s ‘where’ Google searches. The Netflix film drew in 2.4 million household users and the data shows! Google Trends witnessed a 1,800% surge during its premiere week, etching its mark on the pop culture landscape.

Speaking of Netflix and all things entertainment, the nation experienced a halt in viewing content with the Hollywood strike. The event resonated with citizens in reality and online, as “why are actors striking” grew by 1,600% in Google searches. This top ‘why’ search query highlights America’s curiosity and concern around Hollywood and its effects on the entertainment industry.

As the digital age continues to advance, sometimes tech-related guidance is needed every now and then. “How to change background color Instagram story” reigns as America’s top ‘how’ question for 2023, spiking by 2,650% in search volumes consistently throughout the year. With social media jobs on the rise, being able to master aesthetics and tech is a must! 

Canada’s 2023 curiosities revealed

Like their neighbors down south, Canadians also found themselves intrigued by the Netflix series “Who is Erin Carter”, resulting in breakout search volumes in the Great White North. For those sports enthusiasts, “who won the Super Bowl 2023” secured a solid second place, with a whopping 4,800% increase in popularity – just 200% away from breakout status. 

Flipping over to a rather interesting ‘what’ question…the live-action Little Mermaid film had Canadians scratching their heads over a certain character. “What kind of Bird is Scuttle” flew by 3,350% in search volumes, creating confusion beyond the box office. People took it to TikTok to figure out what Scuttle’s identity was as it clearly wasn’t a seagull – but a Northern Gannet! The viral topic undoubtedly contributed to the percentage spike in Canada’s Google search bars.

While Black Friday has its roots in the US, the shopping frenzy extends globally – and Canadians are no exception. “When is Black Friday 2023” ranks as Canada’s top ‘when’ question, surging by a whopping 4,400%. A great sale knows no borders, as both countries share the spirit of Black Friday and into the hearts (and shopping carts) of Canadians. 

In the stunning province that is Alberta, the award-winning show The Last of Us debuted its cinematic magic, making Canadians determined not to miss out on one of the biggest TV shows of 2023. The question “where to watch The Last of Us” rose by 1,950% across the nation, making it Canada’s #1 ‘where’ question of the year. As an honourable mention ‘where was The Last of Us filmed’ also witnessed a growth of 1,450% – solidifying the TV series as Canada’s most searched-for show in 2023. 

When Twitter underwent its journey to becoming X, it left Canadians pondering the reason behind the change. “Why is Twitter called X” emerged as the country’s leading ‘why’ question of the year, surging by 1,950% in search volumes. For those who don’t know, Elon Musk simply felt the need to rebrand to secure X users’ freedom of speech within the app. 

As for Canada’s 2023 digital dilemmas, two pressing ‘how’ questions earned breakout status this past year: “how to change time on Fitbit”, and “how to delete Snapchat AI”. It seems that Canadians were on a mission to navigate the intricacies of both tech and time for 2023! 

The search trends of 2023 offer a reflective glimpse of the common questions Americans and Canadians shared in the online world. Whether it’s the lure of blockbuster films, TV series, sporting events, or tech troubleshooting, it mirrors the diverse interests of both nations. 


In December 2023, we used the search query ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘where’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ on Google Trends to identify the most searched for questions in both the US and Canada. Our search parameters were set from January 1st, 2023 to the present day, to specifically target 2023 search volumes.

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For any press questions, please contact rhiannon.odonohoe[at]

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Top 20 Companies That Hire Felons in 2023

In today’s progressive business landscape, companies have started offering former felons work opportunities since they started recognizing the value added by hard workers looking to set their past wrongs, rebuild their lives, and reintegrate into society.

In the world of second chances, the following 20 companies, all of which are wildly popular and successful, allow you to put your best foot forward.

So check them out right away!

Why Are Jobs Important for Ex-Felons?

Finding work is a crucial step for former criminals since it allows them to start a new beginning toward a better future. After all, employment provides food and purpose and is the gateway towards becoming a functioning member of society.

But for people with a felony conviction, landing a job is not always easy since prejudice towards former felons is still prevalent across all spheres of society.

Thankfully, some of the biggest companies started a workforce revolution, which is bound to spur further actions that will offer anyone a second chance at life.

Best Companies That Hire Felons in the U.S.

The list below includes businesses operating in various sectors, from retail to software development, but they are all advocating for inclusive employment practices.

Ultimately, a person’s abilities and willingness to work are more important than the stigma of a criminal conviction following them. So if you belong to this group and are looking for a personal and professional transformation, check out all these opportunities.

1. McDonald’s

Yes, you heard it right: McDonald’s hires felons! In efforts to diminish discrimination, many of its restaurants accept applications from people with criminal histories.

Although the precise locations of these restaurants are unknown, according to info from McDonald’s employees, a felony won’t be an obstacle to building a career there.

The company’s top priority is the applicant’s skill set. And skillful employees will get plenty of chances for advancement. The best part is: they get competitive salaries! 

2. Walmart

If you are not looking for glamour but a steady income instead, try Walmart!

This retail giant has always supported ethical hiring practices. As a matter of fact, Walmart endorsed the Ban the Box initiative and the Fair Chance Business Pledge.

They offer an open hiring procedure where candidates are asked about their criminal past during the review, but such histories do not necessarily disqualify them. 

Those with crimes have the opportunity to advance to managerial positions, except in areas dealing with firearms. Once on board, it’s critical to take advantage of all of Walmart’s options and follow the company’s rules of conduct.

3. Facebook

Facebook has been an equal employment opportunity company for a while now. This affirmative action employer explicitly states that applicants with criminal pasts will be taken into consideration based on their skills and experiences.

Like most other huge businesses, Facebook signed the Fair Chance Pledge, which removes all barriers to career development for the previously incarcerated. You only need to meet the skill and experience requirements to get a job there.

All in all, this software behemoth is committed to eradicating the stigma associated to former felons since it recognizes the benefits of a diverse workforce and giving people second chances. Best of all, Facebook offers competitive salaries and benefits.

4. Microsoft

Microsoft has frequently offered jobs to rehabilitated felons in the past and is still proudly continuing that tradition to this day. In fact, certain programs, such as the Workforce Foundation, have collaborated with this tech giant to offer felon-friendly jobs.

In addition, Microsoft also supports Ban the Box and the Fair Chance Pledge initiatives and regularly posts job vacancies on felon-friendly employment sites.

While the firm performs criminal record checks for safety reasons, it does not use the findings during its decision-making processes. Hirees even get the necessary training to develop the skills needed to advance their career.

5. Starbucks

If you are looking for a job that requires no special skills yet still grants opportunities to former felons and a decent and steady paycheck, check out Starbucks.

Plus, you get it all as a Starbucks employee, from health coverage and time off to subsidized education. That said, you’ll still be subjected to a background check, but your criminal past will not stand in your way of landing a job there.

If you prove you are a trustworthy candidate who will do the job safely and responsibly, then you’ll be welcomed as a new employee.

6. Coca-Cola

You can even find a job with the world’s leading beverage company, as Coca-Cola has been accepting felon applicants based on merit for a while now.

That said, applicants must still undergo certain background and criminal checks, which is a standard hiring procedure regardless of the candidate’s history.

If and when the applicant passes the hiring tests, they’ll be welcomed to the Coca-Cola family, which includes a healthy and friendly work environment, various training opportunities, and a path to advancement.

7. Verizon

Getting a job at Verizon is challenging for anyone, let alone former felons. But that doesn’t mean you cannot find work there with sufficient skill and persistence.

However, Verizon’s policy states that it will review the applicant’s criminal record to determine whether or not the circumstances surrounding the arrest and the exact charge are not related to the position and the performance required to hold it.

As long as you are honest during the hiring process, Verizon’s staff will not discriminate against you based on whether or not you’ve had trouble with the law.

8. Home Depot

Home Depot officially welcomes ex-felons ready to redeem themselves and build a new life. After all, the company signed the Ban the Box initiative and won’t ask applicants whether they have committed any crimes in the past.

That said, they still conduct background checks, and the type of felony committed may still weigh in their decision whether or not to hire a specific former criminal. For instance, sex or violent offenders are less likely to be hired than other ex-criminals.

Once you go for an interview, however, you can increase your chances of landing a job by being honest about your past and future and showing them that you can do the job and care about working there.

9. Delta Airlines

Airline companies weren’t typically open to hiring felons in the past, but with the global changes post the Covid-19 pandemic, they loosened up their policies; one such airline potentially hiring ex-convicts is Delta, but the process is lengthy.

For example, all applicants undergo rigorous testing and background checks, and some types of felonies may prevent you from getting a job there.

If and when you get in, however, you may be subjected to regular Covid tests and drug screenings, which airline companies generally enforce.

10. Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is a progressive company in terms of its hiring policies since it does not discriminate against anyone and offers fantastic working conditions.

In the last decade, the brand has also jumped on the Ban the Box bandwagon, which means that applicants are not required to disclose whether or not they were ever convicted of a crime. Like it or not, ex-criminals are feared or looked down on.

Thankfully, Ben & Jerry’s offers equal opportunities to any applicant, and as long they pass the background screening and show their potential, they’ll be hired.

11. Unilever

You may also be able to find a great job at Unilever—a multinational company selling all sorts of packaged goods, ranging from baby food to beauty products.

Like most other companies, Unilever conducts the necessary background checks to ensure they are hiring the right applicants, but it does not typically discriminate against former felons—the brand runs the ‘Equity, Diversity & Inclusion’ slogan, after all.

That said, the hiring experience may vary based on the exact position, the interviewer, and the location where you are applying. If you are in the U.S., you will typically have to submit to a background screening in any case.

12. Amazon

When applying at Amazon, your résumé and interview skills will matter much more than your criminal past. There are positions available in any Amazon branch, including the warehouse, management, and development.

However, your chances of getting started with Amazon are better if you apply for a position in a warehouse before building your way up the ladder since Amazon’s HR managers will always check your background and the severity of your crime.

Reliable, diligent, and honest workers who do their job on time and improve their skillset will have an opportunity to advance with Amazon.

13. Intel Corporation

Few know that ex-felons can also get a job at Intel. It’s true! If you want to work at the cutting edge of technology, you can, criminal record or not!

This semiconductor giant has openly announced it’s hiring ex-felons by signing the Fair Chance Pledge, which was confirmed by an official statement released stating that criminal records will not prevent applicants from landing a job there.

Still, the nature and the gravity of the offense and the conviction will be taken into consideration and may weigh in depending on the position in question.

14. PepsiCo

Starting a career at Pepsi is not an easy task, but at least your criminal past will not typically prevent you from landing a job, provided you have the skills required.

Known for its broad range of snacks and drinks, PepsiCo, Inc. offers job opportunities across multiple areas, including administration, finance, legal, R&D, technology, marketing & sales, production & operations, and even supply chain work.

However, if you get your second chance there, you are responsible for maintaining the highest moral standards and adhering to PepsiCo’s fundamental principles.

15. Abbott Laboratories

If you have a background in the medical field, you can also apply at Abbott Laboratories, arguably the largest medical device and healthcare company in the U.S.

Abbott is a leader in workforce diversity, employing more than 100,000 people worldwide across every demographic and with different backgrounds. As proof of that, the company has been named as one of the most diverse employers on several lists.

At the end of the day, giving those with criminal backgrounds an equal opportunity to share their talents and knowledge is part of Abbott’s culture of tolerance.

16. Tesla 

Ex-convicts with advanced skills and degrees in engineering and manufacturing may be able to land a job at Tesla. Yes, that Tesla—the innovative tech pioneer that builds the cars and energy generation and storage systems of the future.

However, even if Tesla does not discriminate against former felons, its hiring process is quite rigorous, and only exceptional candidates are hired to work there.

That said, you will still have to undergo a complete background check, so you have to ensure everything else is in order, thus boosting your employment chances.

17. Tyson Foods

Similar to Walmart, Tyson Foods is a well-known food company that stands out for its fair hiring policies regardless of the applicant’s history or demographics.

Even when filling out your application, you won’t find a single question asking about past convictions, which means your skills and experience are key to landing a role. The company simply puts faith in people’s ability to change and turn over a new leaf. 

If you know where to look, there are plenty of job opportunities at Tyson Foods, and you’ll be well on your way to rebuilding your second life.

18. IKEA

Are you a fan of Swedish meatballs and puzzle-like furniture? Why not look for a job at IKEA, then? The company does not stigmatize ex-felons, anyway.

However, your success will vary based on your specific circumstances. Naturally, you’ll have to agree to a background check, and when past convictions come up, you have to explain yourself, show remorse, and state you are starting your new life.

Overall, the company’s recruiting strategy involves evaluating candidates on merit and guaranteeing a balanced and equitable hiring approach.           

19. Prudential Financial

When recruiting people with a criminal history, Prudential, one of the biggest and most renowned financial services firms, employs a thorough selection process.

However, given the delicate nature of Prudential’s operations, fraud-related convictions will prevent you from obtaining a job there. Because of that, you must have a stellar CV and an abundance of experience to offset other past convictions on your record.

That said, your chances of landing a job in the financial sector after completing a sentence are slim. Give it your best, but do not get disheartened if you don’t get in.

20. Uber

Last but not least, let’s talk Uber! Everyone has heard of and used Uber, probably. Have you ever thought: “Hey, that’s something I can do!”?

The good news is: yes, you can, since Uber has expressed its support for hiring anyone, even past convicts, since everyone deserves a second chance. To show its commitment, the brand has even joined a slew of companies supporting ex-felons.

Depending on your state of residence, you may also have access to certain training programs that will help you get a job with Uber. For instance, former felons in California can contact Defy Ventures, which provides job training to such applicants.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, as more businesses recognize the worth and possibilities offered by these candidates, their chances of finding good employment will keep growing. While the primary benefit of these changes is the new work opportunities made available to former felons, other marginalized groups will also benefit down the line. After all, by advocating for fair policies and support programs, we empower everyone in society at large.

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Best Dab Rigs: Top 10 Picks Of 2023

As the modern generation is moving towards strong but clean smoking, companies have been inventing different products to help them. After cigarettes, vaping was quite common, but people realized that vaping is not strong.

So, they moved for dab rigs, which offer potent results and provide clean smoke because of the water inside them. However, dab rigs require a thorough search before you find a good product.

So we researched for you and found the best dab rigs suitable for newbies and experienced smokers. On the other hand, we made sure to find the dabs that won’t poke a hole in your pocket but stay for long with you.

Top 10 Dab Rigs You Must Try In 2023

We found ten best dab pens of 2022 that fall into our criteria, allowing you to choose one from many. Before we started reviewing them, we selected the top three among them and shared them before reviewing.

If you are unsure which dab rig is the most suitable for you, choose one from the top three. Otherwise, we have covered the rest in detail to help facilitate your choice.

#1. Cheech & Chong Anthony Water Bong–  Overall Best Dab Rigs, #1 Pick

This water bong is an excellent option if you want a dab rig that gives you an old classic feeling. Its old-school and simple design make it a suitable dab rig for everyone. It has an extra thick glass for durability, so the dab rig won’t break even if you drop it.

Another lovely thing about this dab rig is the company decided to offer it with different logo colors. Moreover, the dab rig’s base is also the same color as the logo. The reflection from the base is enough to catch anyone’s eyes. However, this might not be a good option if you want a more dashing look for your dab.


8.25 Inches in Size: Typically, a dab higher than eight inches is the best for two or more people. This dab can be a good option if you want to smoke with your partner. Since the size is small, you can disassemble it easily and carry it in a small bag. Unfortunately, the company won’t provide you with a carrying case.

Two-Tiered Percolator: Most dab at such a small size comes with single perc from where you can smoke. This makes it hard to keep the smoke inside the dab and hard to inhale. This dab rig comes with two tiered percs, allowing it to hold lots of smoke inside; you can inhale thick smoke for better results.

Durability: The thick glass used in its manufacturing is solid, which won’t allow this dab to break easily. At parties, there are chances when people accidentally hit the dab, and in most cases, it breaks and stops working. This dab can survive any impact if you don’t hit it with a hammer.

14.5MM Vapor Dome: The vapor dome has a wide mouth allowing you to inhale lots of smoke at once. Plus, the size of the vapor dome is enough to keep lots of smoke in the pot so even two people can easily inhale it.


  • Thick glass base to keep it stable
  • Thick glass water pipe
  • Dab nail is available in the box
  • Easy to operate


  • Simple looks
  • No flower bowls

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cheech & Chong

#2. Big Green Van 10 in Extract Water Pipe– Top Rated Dab Rig For Heavy Smoking

Big Green Van 10 is also from Cheech & Chong brand, but this dab rig is bigger than the one above. The size difference is only two inches, but the company decides to make this dab for heavy smokers. The reason is that a thick and bigger dab nail in the middle can vaporize the material quickly and make thick smoke. It also has a unique percolator that spins the vapors so you can smoke them much faster.


Both Oils and Herbs Supported: Multipurpose dabs are quite hard to find; typically, they support only one material to offer good results. However, people switch to dry herbs as they are much more potent and provide a solid high feel. So, this dab is a suitable option for beginners and experts.

Solid Borosilicate Glass: Since you’ll be heating the dab, the cheap glass will expand and damage the dab. This dab rig comes with thick borosilicate glass, which won’t expand no matter how high the temperature, and is quite durable.

Thick Quartz Banger: A quartz banger is much superior to any other nail type because of its durability to endure extreme heat and ultra-low temperatures. You’ll find a thick quartz banger inside this dab rig, so you can burn herbs at high temperatures without damaging the banger.

Chandelier Percolator: The company added a chandelier percolator to spin the smoke to enhance this dab’s looks. This looks awesome when the room is dark and the dab is glowing, but it also allows you to inhale the smoke fast.


  • Hand-Blown Borosilicate Glass
  • Ten inches in length
  • Great airflow
  • Enhanced filtration


  • Newbies might feel a strong hit on the throats

=> Click here to visit the official website of Big Green Van 10

#3. Amnesia 10″ Dab Rig– Most Recommended  Dab Rig With 14mm Banger

Amnesia dab rig is the best option for those who love to smoke solo. Plus, its colorful design will give you a tropical feel. What’s best is its low price, but since it is made for a single person, the price looks alright.

You’ll even get a collectors edition gift box with each pipe. Due to its 360-degree design, you’ll get a different tip from every angle. Thus you can easily control the amount of smoke you want to inhale. While it is made for a single person, the ten-inch pipe size can accommodate more than one person.


Easy to Clean: After using oil or dry herbs, a dab rig is sure to get dirty, which requires cleaning so you can smoothly enjoy your next session. Unlike most other rigs, this one is relatively easy to clean since it only has a huge pipe and one quartz chamber. We highly recommend using cleaning kits for dab rigs.

Downstem for Smooth Diffusion: One problem with smoking dabs is the amount of smoke you inhale. If you inhale a lot, you’ll run out of herb quickly, and inhaling less won’t offer the right effects. This dab rig has a downstem to increase the number of bubbles to enhance your smoking experience.

Easy to Use: You can start smoking by adding herbs or oil and using the torch to vaporize the material. There is no need to prepare the bong before you start smoking.

Built-in Ice Catcher: Cold smoke is loved by everyone as it won’t burn the throat and offer a smooth feel. You’ll find an ice catcher in this dab that can cool down the water to make cold bubbles for a cool smoking experience.


  • 14mm banger
  • Removable down stem
  • Vibrant patterns and bold graphics
  • Low priced


=> Click here to visit the official website of Amnesia 10” 

#4. Digital 10 Dab Rig–  Easy Removable Cleaning 

If you are more into looks, this Digital 10 dab rig would be a good addition to your collection. However, the pattern only has three colors; black, light, and dark grey, so you won’t be getting colorful designs on this dab. The best part about this dab is it takes less than a minute to assemble and start using it. It is made from heavy glass and features a solid base, so this rig is a bit heavy despite its small size.


Straight Tube and Neck: Instead of a diagonal tube that keeps the smoke in for a long, the company decided to make this rig with a straight neck and tube. The benefit of a straight neck is the ease of smoking; you don’t have to inhale hard and put pressure on your lungs to enjoy smoking.

Made by a Trusted Brand: Famous Brandz is an old company dealing in dabs and vapes for a long time. They have constantly upgraded their products to meet the user’s requirements. So, you can expect this best Delta-8 THC wax, dabs & concentrates  to offer a premium experience regardless of its lower price.

Quartz Banger Nail Included: Most companies don’t offer a default banger nail inside the dab rig, so you’ll have to order it separately. This dab rig comes with a quartz banger to save your money and endurance for higher temperatures.


Experience: With its downstem and a built-in ice catcher, this dab rig offers a smooth smoking experience that’ll leave you relaxed for hours.

  • A dynamic futuristic design
  • Easy removable cleaning
  • A slitted downstem
  • Well-made and attractive


  • The base is heavy, but it won’t keep the dab in balance

=> Click here to visit the official website of Digital 10

#5. Evolution Hurricane Dab Rig– Premium Option For Heavy Smokers 

The first thing you’ll notice about this dab rig is its design and price. Typically, a cheaper rig has a single long neck and easy operations. This dab rig is made for professionals, but its price is the lowest among others. On the other hand, it is a bit complicated to use, so if this is your first time using dabs, we recommend not choosing this one. That aside, this dab also has a colored glass ascent despite offering a clear body.


Temperature Control: This is not your typical dab rig, and it also runs on direct power, so you have the option to change the temperatures. On the other hand, if you don’t know what temperature is right for the material you want to smoke, turn on the automatic temperature control, and the dab rig will set the right power and temperature for you.

Slim Angled Mouthpiece: Hurricane dab rig is more suitable for people with strong lungs, especially those passionate about smoking. Unlike other dabs, you’ll have to suck in the smoke like a vape because of its slim mouthpiece. Also, that mouthpiece is fixed, so you can’t replace or change it.

Stable Circular Foot: No one would like to have a dab rig that keeps shaking and falling every time you smoke. This happens because of an unstable base; however, this dab rig has a stable base that can easily withstand the shake and won’t drip the rig.

Available in Different Colors: If you have a dab setup and want to add a new dab rig with a different color, we highly recommend the Hurricane dab rig. It is available in six colors, a suitable addition to your dab collection.


  • Fixed reinforced downstem
  • Clear glass construction
  • Gold Evolution decal
  • A glass concentrate nail is included
  • Barrel percolator


  • Too complicated to operate

=> Click here to visit the official website of Evolution Hurricane

#6. Guns N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction– With Strong Heated Chamber 

Appetite for Destruction features a funky body, and this dab rig is best for rock or metal fans. The classic image on the front makes this rig suit well with your other Guns’ n Roses merch. This band has recently started its licensed smoking gear and accessories, and this dab rig is the first product in their collection. Besides its looks, this dab rig performs exceptionally well and is quite easy to customize and repair. It also supports a solid base to keep it balanced despite its large design.


14MM Quartz Banger: An average joint size is 12mm, so people won’t empty their stack quickly. This dab rig has a 14.5mm join size, so you can enjoy smoking to your fill. On the other hand, this big joint size allows easy cleaning, but be careful not to overuse the herbs for your safety and funds.

Sidecar Mouthpiece: A distance between your mouth and the banger is excellent for getting good and smooth hits. Plus, the heat from the banger also irritates if it hits your face. While smoking, it is better to get a dab that offers a relaxing expereince, and this dab rig is one of them.

Convenient Design: Its body design makes this dab easy to hold while sitting and smoking. You don’t have to worry about burning your hands due to high temperatures, as the thick solid glass and cold water can cool down the smoke.

Easy Returns: The company is generous enough to offer hassle-free returns if you don’t like their products. You can ask for an exchange or get a full refund if the product is still in 100% condition.


  • Easiest and most efficient to hit dabs
  • A sturdy hexagon base
  • Made from thick borosilicate glass
  • Holes in the pearl diffuser break down smoke easily


  • Only available in the USA

=> Click here to visit the official website of Guns N Roses

#7. Maui Wowie Dab Rig– Ideal For Budget Conscious Users

Maui Wowie Dab Rig is an excellent option for those who don’t want to purchase another dab for years. Due to its durability, this dab can easily survive extreme temperatures, and with frequent cleaning, you can use it for a long time. Its price is quite affordable, considering its performance and solid construction. Plus, its long pipe allows an easy and slow smoking experience, which is excellent for getting high. This dab rig is suitable for beginners and experienced smokers.


Showerhead Percolator: The showerhead percolator allows the smoke to stay inside the water until you want to inhale it. This keeps the smoke cool and safe as it gets cleaned through the water for a long time. However, you should not wait for more than three to four seconds, as excessively cold smoke might not get you high.

Strong Build: Despite having a long neck that looks easy to break, this dab rig is durable. However, you must be careful not to apply excessive pressure on the neck as the glass might break and you’ll hurt your hands. There is no need to worry about scratches as the glass is anti-scratchable.

Available in Three Colors: This dab is available in three different colors: black, milky green, and milky purple. While they all look good, the milky green variant has a small base that is unsuitable for extreme handling. Many people love the milky purple color because it looks beautiful in direct light.

40th Anniversary Collectors Box: This is a limited edition dab, so you better get it quickly before the company decides to remove the anniversary box.


  • Quick diffusion process
  • Easy filtration
  • Stemless design
  • Bent mouthpiece
  • Colored accents


  • Limited edition accessories

=> Click here to visit the official website of Maui Wowie

#8. Evolution Eclipse Dab Rig– The Most Upgraded Version With High Temperature Setting

This is the second smallest dab rig in your collection, but it has a wide base, creating lots of smoke for an intense smoking experience. It is available in seven different colors, but due to its compact design, we recommend getting light blue or black color.

The other colors make this dab look a little childish, which can attract your children, who might break it or play with it. Keep your dabs or other smoking material away from children’s reach; a black dab can help you in this.


Big and Thick Base: Evolution Eclipse dab rig is the best for you if you use dabs with aggression. Due to its thick base can withstand shakes and sudden jerks without tripping, and it is wide enough to restrain the heat from keeping your hands safe.

Easy Operations: There are no complicated tricks to using this dab as you don’t have to assemble it. It has a 6.5-inch size making it easy to arrive and assemble inside a box. All you need is to clean it once and start using it. However, check if the product is broken because you don’t want the smoke to leak from somewhere else.

Superb Customer Service From the Brand: Customer service is always available on the website if you have any product problems that require an immediate explanation. However, when there is an excessive load on the queries, you might need to wait some minutes before you get your chance.

Perfect Hits Despite Its Compact Size: You’ll be astonished to see how this dab can provide smooth hits despite a small neck and compact body. Its filter clears the smoke greatly so that you won’t get a harsh impact on your throat.


  • Glass on glass joint

  • Dome and nail included
  • 90º joint
  • Fixed downstem


  • Not suitable for more than one person

=> Click here to visit the official website of Evolution Eclipse

#9. Banshee Dab Rig-Suitable For Frequent Dabbers

The Banshee dab rig is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy thick smoke and harsh hits on their throats. Experienced smokers who have tried many smoking devices will love this as this dab rig stands at the line from where you enter the real high deal.

If this is your first time using a dab rig, we highly recommend choosing another rig from our collection unless you want to enjoy coughing while smoking. On the other hand, this dab rig has the simplest design, making it easy to use and clean.


Extreme Thick Smoke: Since there is less water inside this dab due to its small base, you’ll get thick and rich smoke. However, the smoke is not clean so that it might hurt your throat. The good news is that you’ll get the high and relaxing effects much faster than other dabs.

Less Maintenance Required:  Unlike most other dabs that require daily or frequent maintenance with dedicated tools, this dab rig is relatively easy to clean. You can use a blower to remove the dry herbs or some water to clean the oil you added to the chamber. For the smoke, let the dab rest and watch how every bit of smoke is gone from the tune.

5mm Thick Glass Tube: An average dab at this price will offer you a glass of 3mm thickness; the Banshee dab rig features a 5mm thick glass for durability, and it won’t become yellow even after lots of heavy smoking sessions.

Matching Custom Box: The company also provides a custom box to match your aesthetics without additional charges. If you like to collect custom boxes, this dab’s box can increase your collection quite beautifully.


  • Beaker base
  • Drum percolator
  • No carb hole
  • Colorful accents on the mouthpiece


  • Not a good option for beginners

=> Click here to visit the official website of Banshee

#10. Famous X 6″ Bell Dab Rig-Famous For Its Smooth Dabbing Experience 

This dab rig is for those who like simple designs but extreme performance. Compact dab rigs offer more potency and ease of use than big dab rigs. This might be the smallest dab rig in your collection, but it can offer a much smoother experience than many other expensive dabs. The reason is simple: smoke gets thick quickly and goes even quicker to the water, and you enjoy clean but rich smoke with every inhale.


Easy to Carry: If you don’t have space to carry a ten-inch dab rig but want a solid smoking experience, this six-inch dab rig is what you should go for. You can add any sort of hash to it and even add carbonates, drinks, or juices instead of water. However, that’ll require thorough cleaning afterward.

Fast Diffusion: Another benefit of a small design is rapid diffusion. Other dabs might take minutes to diffuse the mixture with smoke, while this dab can do it in less than one minute. However, the dab body gets a bit warm if you use it at extreme heat, so be careful while handling it.

Quick Shipping: The company offers free shipping, and you’ll get your product in less than a week. If you want even faster shipping, you must pay for expedited shipping and get the product within two days.

Thick Male Quartz Banger: This dab rig features a 14.5mm thick banger, which is big enough to keep lots of stashes and keeps the heat away from the mouthpiece.


  • Clear glass with black Famous Brandz logo
  • 14.5mm female joint
  • Retains heat well
  • Smooth dabbing process


  • You might need to check on the filter after every session

=> Click here to visit the official website of Famous X

How We Made This List Of Best Dab Rigs? 

We made some standards, and any dab that fulfilled our criteria made it to our list. Since we are talking about expensive premium smoking and dab rigs, we were quite strict about setting the standards.

What We Looked For? 

  • Value for Money: The dab rigs we chose offer top value for the money. You’ll enjoy the smooth and relaxing smoking experience while not worrying about dabs getting damaged while heating or smoking.
  • Size: We made sure to add multiple dab rigs to our list, so there should be an option for those who like to smoke solar or in groups. If this is your first time smoking, opt for a bigger rig so you’ll have plenty of water to filter the smoke. That way, you won’t get a harsh hit to your throat.
  • Durability: Besides its size, we added dab rigs built with premium and solid material, so you won’t break them while using. When people get high, they have the tendency to lose their senses and tip things over. A durable and strong dab rig can easily survive with such people.
  • Customer Reviews: We had to check the customer reviews of each dab rig we added to our list. That way, we got a good idea of how the general public likes these products and how safe and convenient they are for you.

Factors to Consider While Choosing The Top Dab Rigs

Here are some factors that can help you choose a good dab rig. You can add your factors to your list, but these universal factors can help start your search.

Before choosing a dab rig, it is better to consider how many people will smoke and how much you want to smoke. If you wish to frequent sessions with multiple people, it is better to get a bigger rig.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy smoking with your partner, a small compact rig would be good. That said, you also need to remember that small rigs offer a solid and more potent experience that might not be suitable for newbies. We recommend that if you want to start smoking, it is better to use vapes to get used to the effects of dry herbs.

Most dab rigs are made out of glass, and glass tends to get weak at extreme temperatures. When you look for a dab rig, it is better to check the quality of its quartz chamber, as it is responsible for retaining heat.

If you wish to use thick dry herbs for smoking, you’ll need to heat them at higher temperatures. Make sure your dab rig is made from borosilicate glass, as it can easily survive at high temperatures without melting or softening the glass. Moreover, check the box to see the temperature.

There is no doubt that you’ll face some issues while using a dab. The most common problem is the quartz chamber being burned due to heat. Always grab a dab rig from a reputable company, so they can replace it or accept the returns so you can have a full refund or get an exchange. The best way to check the brand’s reputation is to read its customer reviews and see how well they treat its customers.

Most glass dab rigs have fixed parts that you cannot change or replace, so you are stuck purchasing a new rig if you damage your old ones. Many companies offer customized dab rigs with interchangeable parts.

If you have kids at home that might break the rig, choosing a customizable dab rig is better so you won’t have to pay for another one; instead, you can change the damaged parts. However, some rig parts are irreplaceable, but they are made with solid material, so you don’t have to worry about them.

FAQs About Best Dab Rigs

  1. What is the best dab rig to buy?

There is no solid answer to this as every person has different requirements regarding dabs. Some want to enjoy potent effects, while some require mild and soothing feelings. Moreover, some want to enjoy smoking in a group, while others prefer to stay solo.

Price is another important factor since dab rigs are not cheap, more features increase prices, and many people cannot afford them. Considering all these factors, finding one dab rig with all the features is impossible. This is why we shared the ten best dab rigs in our article: you have more options to choose from.

  1. Which is better, a small dab or a big one?

Many might think spending more to get a bigger dab will offer a better experience. However, in reality, a smaller dab is the best option as long as you want to smoke solo. If you want to smoke in a group, getting a bigger electric dab rig is better, so no one has to wait to smoke.

Moreover, electric dab rigs are a bit more expensive, but they do the job much better. On the other hand, a small dab rig is cheap, convenient, easier to use, and offers more potent effects. It also produces bigger, thicker clouds and is relatively safer than a big dab rig.

  1. What size is the best for a dab rig?

On average, a dab rig of 12 inches is ideal for smoking concentrates. Such a size dab rig is considered a big one as most dab rigs come in eight inches of size. Any dab rig smaller than eight inches is a small one that is most suitable in many conditions.

Since smoking vapes and dabs are getting common at parties, most dab rigs are made for four or more people. A dab rig smaller than eight inches is for a single person, and it is relatively easy to use and maintain and less costly. 

  1. Are oil rigs better than wax dab rigs?

This is a misconception; an oil rig is never better than a wax rig as wax has more concentration of THC. The basic idea of using these dabs is to get high and feel relaxed. With concentrated material, you’ll get many potent results causing a strong high sensation.

  1. Should I get a portable dab rig?

A portable dab rig is excellent if you want to smoke anywhere. Since dabs make thicker smoke, they might irritate the people around you. However, if you have places where you can smoke easily, get a portable dab rig with a big battery, so it lasts long.

This is the biggest problem with portable dab rigs. Their battery won’t last long since it generates lots of heat to create thicker smoke. Dabs with bigger batteries increase their weight, making them quite hard to carry inside a pocket. A portable dab rig is great if you carry it inside a bag and smoke somewhere without many people. Otherwise, use an electric dab rig and enjoy the thick smoke and concentrated THC oil.

  1. How to use a dab rig properly?

While purchasing the dab rigs online, you might get them disassembled with a guide to assemble them. You must assemble it properly so it won’t break or burn while smoking. Its most delicate part is the dab nail, which vaporizes the liquid for smoking. Make sure to deal with it carefully so you won’t damage it and spend more money to get another one.

  1. Can I get spare parts for a dab rig?

Yes, this is by far the best thing about dab rigs. You can easily find parts to replace regardless of which part is broken. If your dab rig cost is high and you cannot afford a new one, getting new parts can save lots of your money. The dab nails are the easiest to change in a dab rig; if you keep them clean, they can survive for a long time. If you own electronic dab rigs, it is advisable to get help from a professional.

  1. What are the benefits of a recycler dab rig?

A recycler dab rig is unique and different from your typical dab rigs. It has filters that allow a clean and smooth experience making them better for newbies. This dab rig combines an ultra-smooth bong hit with a flavorful and potent dab. If you want an optimal smoking experience, get a recycler dab rig. It will be more expensive, but the overall experience is worth paying a higher price.

Concluding On The Best Dab Rigs For A Better Dabbing Experience

Since most dab rigs support dry herbs, they also offer medical benefits suitable for people using medical marijuana. We shared the best dab rigs supporting concentrated THC oil, wax, or dry herbs. Read through them and ensure you get a good grip on them before buying. 

On the other hand, always get a dab tool kit so you can easily clean them without any problems. Moreover, if you experience any uncontrollable cough, stop using the dabs and consult your doctor immediately.

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Top 10 Companies in the Capital Goods Field

Most companies offering goods and services rely on raw materials and capital goods obtained elsewhere. Multiple major conglomerates are creating these capital goods that facilitate manufacturing businesses that cannot develop them themselves.

Here, we take a peek at these wizards behind the curtain who help all kinds of companies produce anything from medical devices and medicine to cars and planes.

So read on to learn how the modern industry sector works.

What Are Capital Goods?

Put simply, capital goods are physical products used to create other goods—for example, tools, vehicles, machinery, chemicals, and even various spaces and buildings.

The capital goods industry plays a crucial role in driving economic growth and product innovation and development. After all, without them, we wouldn’t have the variety of consumer goods available today to make our lives better and easier.

The 10 Best Capital Goods Companies

So let’s delve into the top 10 companies in the capital goods field, exploring their market value, growth trajectory, and key details about their operations.

1. General Electric (GE)

  • Market Value: $121 billion 
  • Employees: Over 172,000

General Electric, commonly known as GE, is a multinational conglomerate based in Boston and New York. With a rich history spanning more than a century, GE has established itself as a leader in various industries, including aviation, healthcare, and power.

Businesses of all sorts use GE’s engines, software solutions, wind turbines, and even weapons on a steady basis. To stay on top of the game, GE invests a huge chunk of its yearly revenue into R&D of new competitive technologies to stay ahead of its rivals.

2. Siemens AG

  • Market Value: $134 billion 
  • Employees: Approximately 311,000

Headquartered in Germany, Siemens AG is a global powerhouse in the capital goods sector, as it successfully provides automation and digitalization products and services for several sectors, including construction, energy, healthcare, and transportation.

Specifically, the company is a well-known pioneer of several innovative technologies, such as medical imaging equipment and various industrial automation solutions. Lately, they’ve also been making significant progress in AI and machine learning.

3. Honeywell

  • Market Value: $138 billion 
  • Employees: Over 103,000

With experience dating back to the early 1900s, Honeywell was built into a technology and manufacturing giant producing cutting-edge capital goods for a while now.

While operating in the aerospace, building, and safety sectors, Honeywell offers a rich portfolio of everything from avionics systems and navigation technology to heating & ventilation products, various performance chemicals and materials, and protective gear.

4. Caterpillar Inc.

  • Market Value: $134 billion
  • Employees: Over 109,000

Also known as CAT, this construction equipment manufacturer became a global behemoth over the last decades and is now offering all sorts of mining and construction equipment, vehicles, and materials, as well as engines, power systems, and financial services.

A slew of industries across the globe are relying on Caterpillar’s premium products, including the mining and construction sector, agriculture, transportation, forestry, energy production, and many more. Without infrastructure, there’s no development, and without Caterpillar, building a country’s industrial infrastructure is rather difficult.

5. 3M

  • Market Value: $58 billion
  • Employees: Over 92,000

Originally known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, 3M has evolved into one of the world’s leading capital goods manufacturers, producing everything from adhesives and laminates to medical and car products and software solutions.

Nowadays, 3M is focused on expanding its global presence across several industries (healthcare, electronics, construction, and automotive) and investing heavily in its R&D department to create breakthrough technologies.

6. Raytheon Technologies (RTX)

  • Market Value: $142 billion 
  • Employees: Over 190,000

Formed after the merger of Raytheon and United Technologies, Raytheon Technologies (RTX) has an expansive area of influence in the aerospace and defense sectors. On top of that, the company is operating in the space exploration and cybersecurity spheres.

So can encounter the brand’s stamp on anything from military equipment (missiles, radars, weapons, etc.) to cutting-edge cybersecurity software, aircraft, and aerospace products, such as avionics systems, flight control systems, landing gear, and more.

7. ABB Group

  • Market Value: $75 billion
  • Employees: Over 105,000

This Swedish-Swiss conglomerate has been one of the leaders in the capital goods sector for decades, thanks to its state-of-the-art robotics, automation, and electrical equipment.

You’ll find it offers anything from various robotic assistants to power generators, electrical components, and software platforms for automation purposes. For that reason, you’ll find its products in industries such as transportation, manufacturing, and utilities.

8. John Deere

  • Market Value: $132 billion 
  • Employees: Around 70,000

Deere & Company, commonly known as John Deere, is a renowned American manufacturer of construction, agricultural, and forestry machinery. Its commitment to quality, durability, and innovative solutions has contributed to its excellent growth and market value. 

With a strong customer base and a global presence, Deere & Company continues to expand its product portfolio to cater to the evolving needs of the agriculture and construction sectors, which products like top-notch tractors, harvesters, excavators, and more.

9. Hitachi

  • Market Value: $59 billion 
  • Employees: Approximately 300,000

This diversified Japanese conglomerate has operations in various sectors, including construction machinery, power systems, and information technology. Regardless of the sector in which it operates, Hitachi delivers innovative and unique products.

Thus, its portfolio includes all sorts of products, ranging from data storage and server solutions to power generators, industrial pumps, railway systems, medical imaging technology, mining equipment, and engine electronics for motor vehicles.

10. Emerson Electric

  • Market Value: $53 billion 
  • Employees: Over 85,000

Based in the United States, Emerson Electric is another company older than a century that has grown into a key player in the capital goods industry with a portfolio covering the manufacturing, energy, healthcare, electronics, and telecommunications sectors.

The company’s product line includes everything from automation solutions and commercial and residential systems to climate technologies, home tools and products, and networking solutions. On top of that, this giant is shaping technological advancements daily.


All of the companies listed above are powerhouses that drive innovation, growth, and technological advancements. After all, they supply essential machinery, equipment, and services to various other manufacturers. On top of that, they are also major employers with vast workforces and employment opportunities. 

Furthermore, sustainability is a key focus for these companies, as they keep on implementing environmentally friendly practices, investing in clean technologies, and promoting energy-efficient solutions. So as we move forward, these behemoths will keep on shaping the industrial landscape, the global economy, and our lives at large.

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Top Shows, Activities, and Events in Las Vegas this Summer

With Memorial Day behind us, it’s time for summer in Las Vegas! With dozens of casinos, nightclubs, music venues and pool parties to check out, there’s something for everyone in Neon City. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or an all-time Vegas veteran, new and exciting events are around every corner in the city. Read on for your comprehensive guide to Las Vegas summer events.


Circa Stadium Swim®


During the peak of Las Vegas pool party season, you can combat the summer heat at Stadium Swim, which will have a summer full of sports events to enjoy poolside all season long. Bonus: Guests staying at Golden Gate have complimentary access to Stadium Swim.

On August 25th, you can catch The Knocks DJ set, an After Dark summer concert hosted by Stadium Swim and We The Beat. The lineup will include The Knocks and local artists like Dos Lonely Boys, Z, and Evan Durant B2B Parra. Don’t miss out on the silent disco in the Owner’s Suites, a photo booth, tastings from Casamigos Tequila and Cointreau Liqueur, and shopping opportunities from Jobee Swimwear! It’ll be a Las Vegas pool party for the books. Tickets are $15 pre-purchased, day-of tickets will be $20, and hotel guests staying at Golden Gate, Circa, or the D on August 25 can get in for free by showing their room key.


Free Live Music in Las Vegas


Live music at the top of your summer experiences list? Head down to the Fremont Street Experience! Thanks to partnerships with the casinos, this concert series is FREE of charge all season long. With a summer full of incredible free concerts this season, here are a few of the can’t-miss shows of the summer!


Girlfriends at Las Vegas Summer Festival


Las Vegas Summer Festivals


With the summer season, comes the festival season! From beer and brats to electronic music and comedy, check out the best festivals Las Vegas has to offer.


Big Dog’s Summerfest Beer & Reggae Party

Saturday, July 22

Looking for island vibes? Look no further than Big Dog’s Summerfest! Featuring more than 45 craft beers, food trucks, raffles, and giveaways, this event is a summer classic. Hosting four beer festivals per year, this July gathering is a special celebration of light beer and reggae music. No tickets are required, but your appetite is!


Exodus Festival

June 29 – July 4, July 27-31, August 31 – September 4

This summer, the city will come alive with the sounds of world-famous DJs! This annual festival is a must-attend event for music lovers and those seeking an epic party experience. With multiple venues hosting exclusive events, you’ll have the opportunity to dance the night away at some of the hottest nightclubs in Las Vegas. From pool parties to rooftop extravaganzas, this festival offers a diverse lineup of shows that cater to all music tastes and preferences. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this legendary summer celebration.


Fully Loaded Comedy Special

Wednesday, July 12

Prepare to laugh your heart out in the entertainment capital of the world as the Fully Loaded Comedy Festival takes center stage at the iconic T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. From the comedic brilliance of Stavros Halkias, Andrew Santino, Lewis Black, and Big Jay Oakerson, to the side-splitting humor of Ralph Barbosa, the stage will be packed with comedic talent. The doors open at 7 pm, and this is a comedy show you won’t want to miss. Grab your tickets now and secure your spot for an evening filled with laughter, entertainment, and unforgettable comedic moments.


Woman at Legacy Club Rooftop Bar Event in Summer


Legacy Club Events


No Las Vegas summer is complete without a visit to the Legacy Club! Located 60 floors above the city at the Circa Resort & Casino, this exclusive spot is a can’t-miss for epic parties and live music on Fridays.

Looking for a white-hot American summer? Book your tickets for Legacy en Blanc on Friday, June 23! Starting at 7 pm, guests can sip blanc-inspired cocktails at the open bar, sample delicious appetizers, and listen to world-class live music as the sun sets. Don’t forget to pack your best all-white cocktail attire!

For visitors celebrating Independence Day in Vegas, check out Legacy Club’s event, Star Spangled Glamour. Slated for Tuesday, July 4, revelers can expect patriotic themed cocktails and bites, stunning red, white and blue decor, and amazing live music. Get ready to watch fireworks burst overhead while you and your friends dance the night away.

The Gatsby: A Speakeasy in the Sky on Friday, August 4 will be one for the ages. Dress yourself in a glamorous 1920s outfit and swing the night away with a live band, costume party packs,  an open bar with specialty cocktails, prohibition-inspired hors d’oeuvres, and décor to transform the evening into the most grandiose event.


Fremont Street Experience


After enjoying some Las Vegas summer events, make sure you take in all Downtown Las Vegas has to offer. Thrill seekers will love the Zilla-Zilla and Super-Hero Zoom ziplines, towering up to 11 stories above the Fremont Street Experience! If adrenaline isn’t your thing, never fear! Grab a classic frozen yard drink at OneBar, then head to one of the world-class casinos to play table games, slots, and more in style.

We recommend heading to Golden Gate Hotel & Casino to experience a bit of Vegas history, the D to drink at one of the longest bars in Nevada, or staying in luxury at Circa Las Vegas for a bit of luxury and glamor.


Las Vegas in the summer is full of endless possibilities. Whether you’re seeking incredible parties, top-notch live music, thrilling adventures, or unforgettable casino experiences, this city has it all and more. So, pack your summer essentials, bring your sense of adventure, book your room at Golden Gate Las Vegas, and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime. The stage is set, the lights are on, and the city is waiting for your best summer yet!

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